Leveling Up With Skills Color
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Leveling Up With Skills

스킬빨로 레벨업 • Skill Masters Level Up • Skill Master Levels Up • スキルアローンモードでレベルアップ • Leveling Up With Skills • Seukilbballo Lebeloep

Synopsis Leveling Up With Skills

[by The Studio that Brought you “How a Former Pro takes advantage by doing an easy job”!]
Four options were presented to humanity under peril
from mysterious monsters that devoured humanity in 2020.

Players who have completed the mazes in each mode
must return to Earth and prepare for the invasion of ancient gods!

Easy mode where anyone can survive
Normal mode where only the strong survive
Hard mode where only 1% can survive
Solo mode with extreme difficulty

Kang Tae-san, the strongest human player in Easy mode,
who conquered the maze through extraordinary means
and possesses abilities that others do not have!

「Addition, multiplication, attack nullification, absolute judgment…」

However, coming from the ‘Easy mode’ background,
his absolute power is lacking…!

Finally, the day of humanity’s ultimate reckoning has arrived!

A miraculous opportunity appeared
as he was dying in the depths of despair!

“This time, I will definitely become stronger.”

Challenge the maze once again!
Kang Tae-san, a skillful player, advance to ‘Solo Mode’!

Chapter Leveling Up With Skills